What coaching is Not

As a coach to clients around the world I notice certain clients have a perception or viewpoint of what they think having a coach . When they know what it is not they sometimes get upset or at least have their assumptions challenged. From that point clients then know that they are the ones with the resources and answers to work through their challenges and create their opportunities.

Coaching is not a magic pill that after, say, 4 months you will be living a perfect life, financially free, in a great relationships and all your problems are sorted and you have arrived. In fact coaching may be a catalyst to bring up deeper unresolved pain and resistance that needs to come up before true healing and resolution can take place.

I have been on the personal development path for some years. I have attended some great personal development events, met with the gurus and bought the programs that will solve all my problems. What I have observed is that the blueprint coaching programs that are sold from the stage give the impression that when you sign up, all your troubles are over and somehow the coach is going to do something to you and and you will get that financial freedom or relationship or that ripped body.Yes, coaching will speed up the process to the results you want that is for sure. However, too much emphasis is on the coaching doing it for you or the program doing it for you.

This is what I call over promising and under delivering. This can set the student up for alot of disappointment because after say a 4 months program they are left feeling resentment that the promise of that financial freedom has not even started! So the coaching did not work for them.You may have experienced this yourself.

I am not suggesting that this happens to everyone. There are clients who have a very good idea of what they want to achieve. They may have worked on an issue for some time and they are “ripe” for a transformation. For example, someone who runs a business making $100,000 a year wants to get to the next level. They have their customer base, have a great product and support. The coaching support framework can cause a client to move very quickly. There is something to work with and with ongoing brainstorming of ideas and accountability with a coach and the client taking consistent action, the $100,000 climbs to $120,000 in a few months and then an exponential earnings may start to kick in. In a way the Law of momentum is enabled through the coaching relationship.

When you are clear and specific as to what you want, the coaching process moves at a faster speed. If you have no clue as to what you want, it may take one to three months to get clear on what your natural gifts and talents, your vision are and how you overlay that to the business you want to create or the relationship you want etc.

So coaching is not a quick fix solution if you are not clear from day one as to what you want. The coach is not really in a position to pull rabbits out of a hat and your problems are solved in 3 sessions. It can happen but it is not a regular occurrence. I read somewhere “if your coach tells you what to do, sack him/her”!.

Coaching is a support structure that helps you move through your process of enfoldment faster, resolving deeper issues that need to be resolved so you are freed up with more energy to create coming from a more aligned space. So it is a process of evolution with many twists and turns.

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