Long term vision and short term actions

Having a vision for your business or life is great as a vision pulls you forward rather than you having to keep motivating yourself to go after it. A pulling energy is more attractive than a pushing one. Long terms vision needs to be matched with short term actions.

Alot of people I coach spent alot of thime working on their vision and strategies to the point where this take up more time than it should and so the day to day actions are pushed to the side. The thing is although having a Vision is great but the consistent actions don’t correspond to the vision then nothing much happens. You just have a cool and compelling vision and feeling frustrated at the same time.

Think in terms of macro and micro. Macro is seeing the wider picture and this is vision and strategy. Ideally you should consider about 3% of the process on the macro and the 97% on building systems and focusing on day to day actions.

So your macro thinking could be “To be financially free within 5 years earning passive incomes of  $1 million so I can go and create an education center in Africa”. This is your Guiding Principle or a spotlight and what will give you a sense of purpose and inspiration.

Thats exciting and you have a sense of where the path will take you. Now its important to ask a good question. Questions hook the mind so you better ask resourceful questions to get resourceful answers!

I recently read a great book called “the One Thing” which is all about focusing on that one vision and having a crystal clear understanding of the key priority in your life. A great question that has the potential to clear away the clutter and distraction as you head to your vision is: “Whats the One Thing I can do today to make my 5 year vsion more real such by doing it everything else would be easier or unnecessary?”

That kind of question really focuses the mind. You can use the same question for a time scale of a week or month. “Whats the One Thing I can do this month to make my 5 year vision a reality such by doing it everything else would be easier or uncessesary?”

The key point is to get back to today, to now and do what is next and do one thing each day in a consisitent manner and before you know it, the law of momentum has kicked in and you are well on your way!

One word of caution and that is don’t take on the attitude of “when I get to my 5 year vision, then I will be happy”. Defering happiness is not the goal here. It is about enjoying where you are now, each and every day because the attitude you start off with will be the attitude you will take on in the future. For example if you are tight with money and you are struggling financially, when you get wealth you may end up as a tight rich person! You take yourself wherever you go!

In summary, Create your vision and focus on one thing you know you can do today and keep that consistency going.


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