Is money running your life?

In a recent webinar I had a coaching client on a call who commented: “ I am happy when I have money coming in and unhappy when the money stops coming in. When sales are rolling in I feel confident and secure about my future but when sales stop or slow down I feel anxious and I lose my motivation”.

I am sure you can relate to that at times. I know I have had these experiences. The question you may want to ask yourself is “What does money mean to me?”. Common answers are. “When I am in the money I feel secure and in control of my life or I fell more free”. So reflect on what money means to you for a few seconds.

Now what happens when the money is not flowing into your life? Do you feel insecure, losing control or feeling stuck and even powerless?

If a lack of money has any of these effects on your life then money is running you! The same also goes for wanting success. For example, I have heard a client say “when I get the success I need then I will be happy” or “when I get 10,000 a month then I will be happy”.

The takeway here is to realize that when you set up conditions around money or success you are setting yourself up for unhappiness! You have to find a way to separate money and success from happiness and unhappiness. Is this easy to do? Well, no, not at the beginning because we are so conditioned by the media, family and friends that a certain amount of money is needed in order to feel worthy, happy or approved.

At the end of the day the confidence, security and happiness comes from You and not from a condition. Yes, money is important and success is great to have, that is for sure. So go for the success or the money for the aim of that and not to pin your hopes on it for some future happiness when everything suddenly clicks together.

If you want money then don’t chase money. Money is a result and getting the money is a process. The best way to attract money into your life, apart from an inheritance or winning the lottery, is to create value for others by solving specific problems and then packaging up a solution that appeals to a market niche. More on this in a future article.

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