If you are not growing you are dying

One of my mentors T Harv Eker uses the line “if you are not growing, you are dying”.

Imagine a plant that is lacking sunlight and water. The chances are the plant will wither and die. In other words it the environment in which it is trying to grow is not working. The plant needs the right kind of circumstances in order for it to flourish and grow.

What kind of environment are you operating in? Are you growing or dying? If you are not dying, are you at a standstill, perhaps stuck or just coasting along? You may be great at your job, you know it back to front. People speak well of you and yet you know deep inside that you are on a plateau and you don’t know how to make that all important change.

Every time we reach a new level of skill this automatically becomes the norm and so the mind gets used to it and that then becomes the new comfort zone. The moment we stop learning and stretching is the moment we may lose the edge, fall back slowly and fell tired and fed up. The Law of Momentum is working in the opposite direction. The Law of Momentum goes something like this “that which is in motion tends to stay in motion and that which is at a standstill remains that way”

If you don’t ramp yourself up to the next level you will start feeling frustrated, ill at ease or some other negative emotion which really is feedback to you that some kind of action or new way of operating in the world is called for. You know the saying ”if you don’t use it, you lose it”. That could be a skill, a way of operating in the business world or a way of relating to others.

So to get past this stagnant state we have to start taking small steps or what I term “micro changes” in order to change the pattern. If we don’t then the pattern becomes our prison and we just coast and get stuck.

Let’s take the example of exercising. You work out regularly, however, if you do the same work out over and over again, the body will adapt and you go into cruise control. Professional athletes and body builders change up their routines often. They use muscle confusion to keep the body a great shape and very responsive. Although these professionals are getting results, they do not rest for too long working on a specific routine. They push, they adapt and they stay alert. Some take a relentless attitude as that is what gets them results. That’s why they win medals and competitions.

If you hardly exercise or stop exercising the body then goes into entropy. How does this apply to the mind? Well the body is like the mind, it needs to be exercised and stretched otherwise it settles and life takes on a mediocre flavour and stagnant mental states become the normal way of thinking. Does any of this relate to you?

If you are sick and tired of being in a job you are probably sick and tired of maintaining that position. You are basically sick of tired of being sick and tired. In other words you are not growing. Tony Robbins, the great personal development teacher points out that we have six basic needs and one of those needs is the need to grow.

Have you had enough of tolerating the status quo? Are you ready to do whatever takes to ignite your inner flame again be it in your business, relationships or general health?

Great! Decide now, choose growth and do whatever it takes to make that happen.

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