How to get in the game and succeed

So many people who are thinking of launching their business spend months or even years trying to work out a master plan in order to win the game of business. Many of my clients have researched, read all the books , attended conferences and spent many, many thousands of dollars in order to get clear and start their business or the project that will give them the big break they have been dreaming about for years. However, it just does not go to plan after so much time invested.

Often what comes from this kind of thinking is a deep blockage that most of us are familiar with which is perfectionism. Perfectionism goes hand in hand with procrastination and the two are the dynamic duo that keep you from making any real progress towards a goal, dream or plan.

So many of my clients who need coaching have either a procrastination streak or perfectionist streak and in most cases both. Buying into these mind states leads to frustration, nothing gets done and when looking back regret and suffering because someone else picked up on a business idea and actually implemented it. As a result self esteem gets knocked out then in some cases consider giving up on the dream.

Its sad but true that many of us have million dollar ideas popping into our heads every week and yet we lack the wherewithal to do anything about the ideas and not get into the game.

Working as a coach with personal development guru, T Harv Eker, I like his simple formula for getting into the game so you can stand a chance of winning. It goes like this: “I get Ready… I Fire… I  Aim!”.

That seems so simple and yet most of us prefer to get ready, then aim, and fire. This model of thinking is where we get slowed down and implement very slowly, if at all. Harv Eker also tells a story of “getting the ducks in a row”. It goes like this: “when I get all the ducks in a row then I will launch the new product or business”. Have you ever seen ducks swimming in a row?  If so for how long? If you throw a tiny pebble into a pond there is chaos and the ducks swim everywhere. This is much like your best laid plans. After about week 2, someone throws a pebble into your pond and suddenly you have to re arrange the goal posts which was not part of your plan. Does this relate to you in anyway?

I know it has related to me and for too long! The ducks in a row syndrome just does not work in the business world. In most cases it is to get ready, which means doing some research and finding out, then aim which means getting the product out or web site out which may be in a sloppy state right now, then aim which means to monitor and change as you go along.

This is how a plane works when flying between say Los Angeles and New York. Ninety per cent of the time it is off course and has to re adjust itself as it moves between the two cities. However, the plane arrives on time and at the right airport.

Have you noticed when a software company such as Microsoft release a new software version in most cases there are software bugs in the new release that take months to iron out? The thing is Microsoft know that the product is not perfect. They know the software release will have challenges yet they get the product out there and monitor the feedback and make quick changes to the point the software becomes stable and usable for most people. Perhaps we should take note of this and just get the stuff out there and get in the game!

If you found this article useful then drop me a line. I help business owners get in the game and drop their procrastination and perfectionist strategies and replace it with progress and success.


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