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Why a CEO needs support through a transformation of a business

In today´s business world of fast change and aggressive innovation, CEOs are more and more looking for ways to leverage their talents and abilities and lead their organisations to the next level of business expression. The same goes for CEO´s – many are striving to become the next version of themselves but don’t know how or where to start to make that all important change.

Reading about transition or transformation or going to conferences and talking about it is one thing but it is a whole new level when it comes to taking the journey up to the next level. It requires rigorous inner world game changing and once in place the outer world game is impacted in a more positive and sustainable way.

I have coached a number of CEOs and the feedback I get from them is that at times they lose perspective of the bigger vision, the inability to fully separate thoughts from feelings and a key one is to focus on the highest leverage opportunities and have someone to keep them accountable throughout the process. To monitor and manage the shifts along the way to optimal choices are made.

Coaching and supporting a CEO is not only helping her stay motivated to take actions. Taking lots of actions is one thing but also knowing how to navigate the roadblocks and emotional pains require skilled levels of awareness and mental reframing so that the business leader has cleared the path to make an important transition.

CEOs sometimes are not aware of the subtle differences of transition and transformation. A transition could be to raise the profit levels of the business by 50%. A transformation could be to systemize the business, raise the profit levels and sell the business within 2 years. Coaching and support is significantly different between a transition to raise profits versus a transformation to systemizing and selling the business.

Support in transition tends to require less time compared to a transformation. A transformation is like building the next floor of a high rise. The transition part is ensuring the concrete posts and simple framework is in place before the full implementation of the floor is initiated which are the windows, office partitions, design, furniture and technology etc. This is simply a metaphor and the metaphor is pointing to the differences between a transition and transformation when it comes to the inner and outer world of a CEO or business leader.

So if you are a business leader looking for a serious transformation consider what frameworks and building blocks need to be put in place. Wanting and hoping for a transformation is one thing but doing the work, handling the mental and emotional changes when change like this is upon a leader is a whole different ball game and ongoing support and honest feedback are essential to a successful and sustainable transformation.