You are a very busy CEO or Business Leader working in a growing business. You need the time to think and crystallize your thinking and plans to the point where the business can work without you in the future.

You may be yearning to leave a Legacy or simply want to take time out to have more fun and get creative in other areas of your life.

I help CEOs think through their business processes and systems to help them break free of the day to day pressures though a process of inner and outer game strategies. I have been doing this intensely with over 500 clients in the last 3 years both on a one to one and group coaching basis. I have been supporting business owners and entrepreneurs since 2003 and have owned my own businesses in the process.

I work with Harv Eker International, a world leader in business and personal coaching systems as well as working with a handful of premium business clients who want to take their lives and business to the next level.

Does any of the following describe you..

"Stressed, limited bandwidth to dedicate to new projects, no real time to think things through, working IN the business rather than ON the business, wanting to give back or contribute but have not the means to do so right now".

If you answered Yes to any of these and feel its time to do something serious to make that important Transformation then contact me below or on the Contact page for a 30 minute Strategy Session. Use thi opportunitys as the starting point to make that all important shift that has been calling you for some time.

To Your Success!

James Kilgarriif