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Interview on what is Coaching
I was interviewd by one of my clients a couple of years ago who now runs an online podcast show.[...]
If you are not growing you are dying
One of my mentors T Harv Eker uses the line “if you are not growing, you are dying”. Imagine a[...]
How to get in the game and succeed
So many people who are thinking of launching their business spend months or even years trying to work out a[...]
Long term vision and short term actions
Having a vision for your business or life is great as a vision pulls you forward rather than you having[...]
Why a CEO needs support through a transformation of a business
In today´s business world of fast change and aggressive innovation, CEOs are more and more looking for ways to leverage[...]
Is money running your life?
In a recent webinar I had a coaching client on a call who commented: “ I am happy when I[...]